How To Choose A Bunk Bed That Would Serve Your Child Well

Many parents would remember the thrill of climbing into bunk beds every night when they were much younger. Why not instil that sense of nostalgia into your kids today? It is agreeable that choosing the perfect bunk beds for one’s kids is a major task for every parent. Not only should it look visually appealing, it has to fulfil practical needs without fail. If you are new to bunk beds, use this simple guide to find the perfect bunk bed for your kids.

What are bunk beds?
To acquire a better picture of what you are going to deal with, it is a good idea to understand what a bunk bed is. In simple terms, a bunk bed consists of two single beds that are stacked vertically. These types of beds are rising in popularity for kids’ bedrooms as well as guest rooms. Families who are living together in smaller homes can benefit from such beds as they need to share bedrooms. Thus, bunk beds are very practical for such arrangements and kids will definitely be thrilled by the thought of having such a enjoyable way to sleep.

Available types of bunk beds to consider
Depending on the size of the room, the different sizes of bunk beds that are available include:

• Full over full: This is considered to be the largest size of bunk beds that are available in the market today. They are the perfect fit for most teens as they are growing and expect a larger bed or sleeping area to themselves, especially if they are sharing. Full over full bunk beds are also great additions for your spare bedrooms, allowing up to two guests to bunk in at the same time.

• Twin over full: Also known as a full bed or double bed, this type of bunk bed offers your child an abundance of personal space to spread out their extremities for increased comfort. This bunk bed is also great if an older and younger sibling shares the same room or they have friends of varying ages over for frequent sleepovers.

• Twin over twin: Considered as the most basic form of bunk beds, it is also the most popular style that is available today. It takes up the least amount of space as compared to the two above (slightly more than a single bed)

Make necessary measurements
Before making an actual purchase, it is vital that you make accurate measurements to ensure that there is ample room to fit in the new bunk bed. If you chose a bunk bed that is coupled with extra features such as drawers or trundles, you will need to take that into account.

For starters, take down basic room dimensions and be sure to include your ceiling height as well. You are strongly recommended to leave a minimum of two feet from the peak of your bunk bed to the ceiling. Average ceiling heights are usually eight feet and such spaces are perfect for beds that are within the five and a half to six feet category.

Different bunk bed configurations to consider
Some common bunk bed configurations include:

• L-shaped configuration: These configurations are suitable for large rooms and they often come with extra safety features like a staircase as well as added storage. L-shaped bunk beds can either be attached or separated, and that provides your kids an added convenience when either of them gets older.

• Futon configurations: Some beds offer an extra futon mattress to replace its bottom bunk during the day, and they favoured mostly by youths and teens as they appreciate their bed’s ability to transform their rooms into a comfortable space to hang out with their friends.

• Triple bunk beds: If you have triplets or three children who are similar in age, triple bunk beds are the perfect choices.

Best material to go for
You can choose wood or metal for your bunk beds these days. However, a quick recommendation would be pine wood. It offers your kids and you a classic and elegant designer look that fits well into your home décor. Additionally, softwood or solid wood is very affordable and durable, able to operate for many years without sustaining major damages. Wood offers you a sense of warmth that most metals can’t and come in delightful colors too – ensuring that you get one that fits your child’s personal tastes.

More design features to include
As mentioned earlier, a futon bunk bed is great for creating a space for older teens to hang out and it offers them the ideal space to play video games together after school. For younger children, choose bunk beds that offer a built-in play area as well as a tent or slide. It is also useful to gain some input regarding your child’s preferences before making the final decision.

Choosing a bunk bed does not have to be a complicated process. You only need to break down certain key elements, which will help pave a way towards making an informed decision. If you have any enquiries on bunk beds, feel free to contact us, Scanica Furniture Warehouse, at 905-532-0647.