Why Pine Wood Is A Great Building Material For Furniture

When you are shopping for quality furniture in Canada, most of the chairs, tables, drawers and sofa are made from wood. As many would agree, wood is one of the best materials for furniture as they are natural, durable and possess great quality. Additionally, their different firmness and hues allow them to blend into any home décor.

There is a vast availability and variety of wood furniture and finishes that is being offered in the market today. Hence, each of them has its own advantage over another. If you are new to choosing wood furniture and do not know where to begin, pine wood is a great start for most applications.

Solid pine is revelled in Canada for its feel, scent as well as its long-lasting characteristics that also make it very durable. In Ontario, there is an abundance of pine furniture that last lasted for more than two centuries and is still in perfect condition. Let us look further into pine furniture and the great benefits that it offers.

Pine wood is suitable for a variety of finishes

A wide array of finishes can be applied to pine wood furniture, and can achieve either a modern or contemporary feel. Each wood and finish combination has a certain advantage over the other, thus it understandable that you may feel challenged when deciding where to start. Hence, here is a list of finishes that you can use for pine wood furniture:

• Whitewash tints and stains: While the wood receives its new coat of color, the stain retains the natural grain patterns of the wood. The stain also helps to tone down the yellowness of the wood, resulting in a brighter hue. Other color variations include peach, rose, yellow, beige, gray, green and blue. Such colors are versatile and they can be used for style interiors associated with kids’ rooms as well as chic, country and contemporary styles containing mostly pine furniture.

• Wax: Wax products are basically great tools to seal wooden materials or furniture by filling up their pores, which will cure and provide a hard finish that is effective in repelling water and color preservation. You can also strengthen your wax finishes with additional coats by allowing each layer to settle for a few minutes.

• Natural wood stains: These stains can be easily homemade and they can even provide a darker finish over certain stains bought in a store. Such household stains are easy to make as they only involve coffee, tea, vinegar as well as minerals from certain metals such as copper pennies and steel wool. These are adequate and effective enough to leave natural dark brown tones into pine wood grains.

• Glazing mediums: A combination of glazing mediums and artists’ oil paints are a great solution to deepen the color after two to three coats of stains. Ensure that the stains have fully dried and you should work in small areas to start, blending uneven areas with varying amounts of your mixture.

What are the types of pine wood that are available?
As mentioned, pine wood is a very versatile material as it can be used to create a wide array of products such as chairs, dining tables, bunk beds and cabinets. Wood is divided into two types of wood, namely hardwood and softwood. Pine wood falls into the latter category and softwood stays intact all year round regardless of any season, making it very reliable and durable. The different types of pine wood include ponderosa, sugar pine and eastern white pine, and they usually feature a slight yellowish tint with dark and prominent knots and grains. Additionally, other than easy-staining benefits, softwood is also easy to carve or work on.

Attractive price point
If you are looking for cheaper alternatives when in the search of furniture, you should consider getting those that are unfinished. Pine wood furniture is a fine example for this instance, and it is widely available and sold at the desired price point you might be seeking. As mentioned earlier, pine wood can be easily stained or finished to your heart’s content and you can achieve that perfect finish in no time. This is just a slight trade off as you only need to add a little personal touch while saving more money in the long run.

Fits well into most home décors
A lot of pine wood furniture has no problems when fitting into one’s home décor as they can be easily mixed with other fixtures and furniture pieces in the same room or space. For instance, if you may be aiming for a rustic and warm look for your cottage-like interior, pine wood is the ideal addition to the immediate space to complete the desired interior design or look. Also, pine wood is a flexible material in terms of adding your choice of color again and again to ensure that it matches your room flawlessly. More designs can also be incorporated into the original piece of wood from time to time, heightening the level of originality it will possess.

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