Aurora Bio Gel Foam Mattress

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  • Made in Canada.
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.
  • Fits all your beds, bunk beds, and lofts.
  • Anti-Microbial Bamboo Infused Cotton Fabric
  • 6” Soy Bio High-Density Foam
  • 2” High Resilient Transition Foam
  • ½ 4lb Thermal Regulating Visco Cooling Gel
  • 100% Water-Based Adhesive
  • 8.5” Profile

This mattress features a thoughtful blend of advanced materials for optimal sleep comfort and support. It boasts an 8.5” profile with layers that include:

  1. Anti-Microbial Bamboo Infused Cotton Fabric: This top layer offers a hygienic surface that is soft to the touch and beneficial for skin sensitivity.

  2. 6” Soy Bio High-Density Foam: A base layer made from soy-based bio-foam enhances the mattress's durability, strength, and support compared to conventional foams. It utilizes natural, renewable materials that reduce environmental impact and provide superior comfort.

  3. 2” High Resilient Transition Foam: This layer adds additional cushioning, working to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points.

  4. ½” 4lb Thermal Regulating Visco Cooling Gel: A gel-infused memory foam significantly enhances body support and helps maintain an ideal sleep temperature by regulating heat.

  5. 100% Water-Based Adhesive: This adhesive is used in the construction to ensure that all layers adhere without the use of harmful solvents, contributing to the product's environmental friendliness.

The combination of these innovative materials creates a mattress that not only effectively supports the body, reducing tossing and turning, but also offers enhanced pressure relief for a deeper and more restorative sleep. It is ideal for those seeking a healthier, more comfortable sleep environment.

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